Our work has also been recognized in public newspaper ‘Zagorski list’

“Eco house Horvat at Stubički Kamenjak usually attracts foreign visitors, while in winter the most common guest are from Dalmatia, Primorje and Istra. Foreign tourists are showing more and more interest in attractive facilities and accommodation through which they can be felt the originality of Zagorje.  The thing that make us happiest is when guests leave and say ‘see you next year’.”

First video!

Eco house Horvat has finally made it’s first video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTP7bzO2jqo. All regards to the man (Marjan Zivic) behind the camera. We hope you like it and enjoy the video!

Guest comments

Read reviews and impressions of our guests which opinion helps us for the quality of our services at the highest possible level. With your stay at our house you have enriched our small oasis in Zagorje. :) Thank you! You can read guests comments HERE.

Our first newspaper article!

Eco house Horvat received its first newspaper article! Local newspapers called ’21 Century’ dedicated to us one whole page under the heading ‘Excursions’. Article describes in detail the magic of the Croatian Zagorje and our House. This gives us and people like us who work in tourism hope that eco-tourism can have their place in the media as an indispensable part of the rich Croatian tourist landscape. History and traditions are deeply related to the lives of residents in Zagorje, and vacation and enjoying the outdoors in all seasons are charms from which is hard to resist!

Tourists from abroad discover Eco house Horvat

In addition to local visitors,  Eco house Horvat is  becoming known abroad. During July and August, we hosted several families from the Netherlands, Latvia, Mexico and Germany. Beside being very pleased to have  guests one could only wish for, we also gained some new friends. We hope that it remains the same  in the future.

Great offer: Discount for spa&wellness Terme Jezercica!

From today (20.07.2012.) onwards Horvat Eco House offers great discounts on swimming pools in Terme Jezercica! Hereby we inform you that all of our guests have a discount of 25 to 40 percent, depending on which day of the week is in question. Specifically, all-day ticket for the pool would amount to 5,50 euros per person. Great news is that this offer is valid not only for the summer season than for the entire year. Which means that every guest of Eco house Horvat can use the same discount for the indoor pool.

‘Djecaci’ made a new video in our house!

We recently hosted a group from Split called ‘Djecaci’. On the occasion of recording their new music video for the song ‘Miris’, the guys with the entourage and the overall logistics were encamped with us and had a tour of the region of Zagorje for 3 days. While they were filming from morning to night, they were pleasantly surprised by Zagorje hospitality and kindness of the local people. ‘Djecaci’, we want you to have a lot of success, and here you can see how the music video looks like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90JmmMbFKfw